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What Do Roofers Do?

Roofers protect buildings, keeping them watertight and insulated from weather damage. They inspect and repair existing roofs and install new roofing materials. They also work on walls, siding, and gutters.

roofThey may work on large commercial projects or small residential homes. They often must rip off old shingles, flashing, and membranes before applying fresh material.

Residential roofers repair and install new roofing on single- or multi-family homes. They may work in crews that are trained to re-roof houses quickly, so that one company can complete the job for several customers in a day. These workers often interact with homeowners, explaining project details and answering questions. They also provide advice on roof maintenance to help prevent future problems. Some certified roofers sell roofs to homeowners, and they use sales presentations to explain the benefits of different types of roofing materials. They may give estimates on the cost of each option. These roofers often require a license from their state to sell roofing products.


Roofers who specialize in commercial roofing usually work on large, complex structures. They may work on flat or low-slope roofs that require different techniques and materials than residential roofs. They are familiar with a range of commercial roof systems, including EPDM, TPO, PVC, and metal. Commercial roofers also install skylights, gutters, and insulation systems.

These roofers typically work with a large crew that is trained to re-roof houses quickly. They can often complete a tear-off and installation in a single day. They may also repair roofs, install solar panels, and perform other general maintenance tasks.

Slate and tile roofers use natural or synthetic slate, clay, or concrete tiles to create durable, visually appealing, and insulative roofs. They may also install green roofs, which incorporate vegetation and contribute to environmental sustainability. These roofers often have longer warranties and a larger service area than other types of roofers.

Service roofers offer a variety of services to homeowners, insurance companies, and property management firms. They can handle both insurance and non-insurance jobs, and they often have multiple crews available to meet scheduling needs. These roofers tend to have lower prices than other options, but they may not be able to offer as many choices in terms of roofing materials.

Small business roofers typically work with a handful of employees, including a secretary and one or two crews. They have low overhead and are able to keep their prices competitive, but they may not be able to provide as much customer support or handholding. These roofers often don’t have the resources to take on large projects or negotiate with contractors, so they may not be a good choice for larger roofing jobs.

These roofers are usually experienced and licensed in the roofing industry. They are able to handle various types of roofing systems, including shingle, metal, and foam roofs. They are also skilled at installing insulation and vapor barriers. These roofers can be found working on residential, commercial, and industrial properties. They can install gutters, skylights, and other water-tight systems. They can also perform repairs on existing roofs and replace damaged shingles. They must adhere to all safety guidelines while working at heights and use personal protective equipment.

Storm Chaser

When a big storm hits, it’s easy to understand why people would want to have their roofs repaired right away. Unfortunately, it’s also a prime time for scam artists to take advantage of vulnerable homeowners who need help. These con artists are known as “storm chasers,” and they travel to areas hit by severe weather looking for people who need a new roof. They will come to your door, offer a free inspection, and then offer to make the necessary repairs for a price that’s lower than what you’d expect to pay from a local, trusted storm roofing contractor. They’ll often ask you to sign a contract that allows them to deal directly with your insurance company. Once they’ve got the money, they’ll disappear and move on to the next town that needs their services.

The problem with this type of scam is that it not only hurts homeowners but also affects the local roofing industry. Many roofers have made a living off of providing quality roofs to homeowners, and this is hurt by storm chasers coming into the area and taking business from them. This has resulted in local roofers raising their prices to compensate for the losses they’ve incurred due to the storm chasers disrupting the market.

If a storm chaser comes to your door and offers a free inspection, politely tell them you’ll contact your insurance company and your preferred local roofer and leave them alone. They will most likely disappear shortly after, as they are always on the move to find the next unsuspecting homeowner.

It’s also important to note that you should never let a storm chaser climb up on your roof, as they may be trying to create damage that doesn’t exist. This can be done by hitting the roof with golf balls or hammers to cause dents in the shingle. This is illegal, as it’s considered insurance fraud and can land you in trouble. It’s also a good idea to ask for proof of insurance and licensing before signing any contracts with a roofing company. This includes workman’s compensation and liability insurance.

Retail Sales

In retail sales, roofers focus on normal roofing jobs for residential customers. These roofers will take insurance and non-insurance jobs and typically offer longer warranties and more options. These roofers can also provide a full range of services, such as siding, windows, doors, and drywall.

For this type of roofing business, it’s important for your reps to have a great presentation and show professionalism. This includes a clean, crisp, ironed polo shirt or golf shirt with your logo, slacks, and a neatly presented portfolio or case for documents.

It’s also helpful for roofers to have a professional contractor software app like iRoofing that allows them to easily share pictures of past jobs in the area with potential clients. This can be a great conversation starter and help build trust with the homeowner. It can also be a way to soften an area before sending your reps out.